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BC Nest Record Scheme

The British Columbia Nest Record Scheme is the largest and most active program for nesting birds in North America. Because of a huge coordinated effort throughout British Columbia, and with the assistance of regional coordinators and volunteers, British Columbia has regularly received over 12,000 nest records per year since 1998.

To participate in the BC Nest Record Scheme, volunteers may request a complimentary BC Nest Record Scheme Instruction Manual and blank nest record cards for either individual nests/broods or for colony nesting species.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To request nest cards or a nest record manual during the period 20 May to 31 July , please contact Linda Van Damme at:

Copies of the manual, or blank cards, can be ordered by contacting us directly (
click here).

The British Columbia Nest Record Scheme Instruction Manual can also be viewed or downloaded by clicking here. pdf