Biodiversity Centre for Wildlife Studies

Data Entry for Excel

Many of our contributors prefer to enter their own observations, either in some type of retail software developed for bird watchers, or in a simple spreadsheet program. We have designed a spreadsheet for use with Microsoft Excel (version 97 or greater).

MS Excel Data Entry template

MS Excel Data Entry Instructions

The template is greatly simplified from our main database system, but allows for easy manipulation of records for direct compatibility. If you would like to use our Excel spreadsheet, please click the download link below. Also, be sure to download the instructions for entering data.

When submitting data in any electronic form to the Wildlife Data Centre, we kindly ask that you do not send duplicate data. If you use Excel, please save each batch as a separate file, or make a note in your files that previous records have been submitted. A common practice for many of our contributors is to enter one month at a time, saving each file with a unique name (e.g., AAB March 2005.xls ; the first three letters are the initials of the contributor). For larger data sets already entered, you may wish to submit those records as one batch (e.g., AAB Feb1997-Mar2005.xls).